Learn how to develop Jobman with your Organisation

It is common that when you purchase your Jobman software package, you may also purchase an additional integration or software module that is unique, and not used by most of our network.

If this is the case, visit our help documentation on training or contact us.

Person in hi-vis tapping on a screen in a warehouse

Software development

Jobman is an evolving product and is updated to all of our clients weekly. Although Jobman is very customisable and a perfect fit for many manufacturing industries, improvement is something we’re also passionate about.

While the product is highly flexible, there are of course some things that you might want but aren’t already included. We’re always developing new features and refining Jobman, so if there are things that you’re looking for but aren’t available already through a different approach, and are in line with our development plan, we might just build it sooner.