Automated accounting excellence with Australia’s leading manufacturing ERP

Jobman’s accounting integrations benefit everyone in your team, from payroll to production and beyond. The user-friendly system automatically combines and tracks all the data you need to make better business decisions while streamlining financial processes.

If you’ve been spending hours chasing payments, processing timesheets or entering financial data, then we’ve got great news. Jobman, an ERP for manufacturers and cabinetmakers, integrates with Australia’s leading accounting software, providing a simple, straightforward solution to balancing the books.

Eliminate human error, get paid faster, and realise the bottom-line benefits of end-to-end transparency across your entire operation.

Jobman integrates with:

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Benefits of Jobman’s accounting integration features

  • Get paid on time
  • Effortless payroll processing
  • Jobman works seamlessly with Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks Online 
  • Real-time financial data updates
  • Track and manage your money
  • Eliminate double data entry
  • Save time on every financial operation
  • Make EOFY easy

Streamlining back-office processes

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Follow up invoices automatically

With Jobman, you can turn approved quotes into invoices in just a few clicks. Once you approve the invoice waiting in the accounting software, you get paid faster thanks to automated reminders and online payment options.

Rather than spending your time re-drafting invoices from quotes, following up late payments and entering accounts receivable information, let Jobman and your accounting software figure it out together.

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Generate financial reports

You shouldn’t have to wait for quarterly results to see how your business is performing. Jobman enables management to generate custom financial reports used to make more informed business decisions.

Jobman synchronises data from every corner of your operation, including inventory, ordering, production, payroll and accounts receivable. So the financial reports tell you everything you need to know about performance in real-time.

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Up-to-date contact information

Jobman syncs contact data between the CRM module and accounting software, ensuring all your contacts stay updated. Data syncs in both directions, eliminating the need for double data entry or manual contact updates. 

Automated, immediate contact syncing means that the finance team invoices the right person if a salesperson makes a change. And for suppliers, it means you never need to worry about receiving an angry phone call because a payment went to the wrong place.

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Simplify payroll

By connecting your manufacturing ERP and accounting software, you can forget about calculating leave, overtime, penalty rates or awards ever again. 

Jobman syncs your Time and Attendance data to the accounting software automatically. When your team submits their electronic timesheets through Jobman, the approver reviews the information, then it goes straight to Payroll after approval. Your back-office team will thank you for saving uncountable time and stress.

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Eliminate double data entry

With so many variables in every manufacturing job, the slightest error can turn a profitable customer into a money pit. 

Jobman reduces this double data entry and human error risk by automating data entry and syncing data across your operation. Now you don’t need to worry that you missed a decimal or inputted the wrong price for an item because the data is synced across your supply chain.

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Jobman is the Aussie manufacturing ERP you can count on

We’ve made accounting easier for Australian manufacturers and cabinetmakers. With intelligent automated features, real-time data syncing and user-friendly operation, Jobman is the ERP you can rely on.